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Our Partners

At Cargill Aeronautical, we believe that building strong partnerships strengthens our organization while enabling us to better serve our customers and our community.

Old Globe

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Since its inception, Cargill Aeronautical has participated in the TSA Foreign Student Program. Through the program, we have trained students from Canada, China, Dominican Republic, England, Germany, India and South Korea.


Cargill is an authorized resaler of UGears models. is the official importer and distributor of Ukrainian Gears (UGears) brand into the United States.  U’ in UGEARS stands for 'Ukrainian'. Their headquarters and manufacturing are located outside of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Ugears.US, is sending 10% of its sales to support the Ukrainian people.

Aircraft Owners

Cargill Aeronautical contracts with aircraft owners to rent their aircraft to qualified pilots and students. Under the leaseback agreement, aircraft owners reduce their overall cost of ownership. 

For more information about leaseback opportunities, contact Susan Adams at

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